Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandmama!

August 10-August 23

Monday was a very productive day for us. I was able to completely clean the house while Lucas played in each room. Usually I do my cleaning when he is asleep, but he is becoming so independent! Later, we went grocery shopping and then as a reward for him being such a good boy at the store, we headed up to the pool. It was so wonderful because we had the whole place to ourselves and didn't have a million kids there.

Tuesday we had playgroup at our house. Lucas and Olivia crawled all over the place and were fascinated by the gate. Poor Olivia even got a bump on the head, but it never slowed her down! That girl is one tough chick! Jackson was a little tired and took a nap up in Lucas' room while we all ate and Selena just hung out with the girls and Luke.

Later that night, we packed up everyone and the two dogs and headed up to the Wheeler's house for the night. We were staying there over night because it would cut 30 minutes out of our trip for the next day when we took Trinity to UGA. MiMi was such a help and came with us so that I could concentrate on Trinity while she kept Lucas entertained. After several hours at the vet, it was decided to leave Trinity up there over night and they would do a biopsy tomorrow and then she could come home.

The doctors were great at UGA and called several times to give me updates on Trinity. I was able to pick her up Thursday afternoon. I dropped Lucas off at MiMi's so he didn't have to do the 3 hour car ride and the waiting at the vet. When I returned to pick Lucas up at 7:30, he was fed and happy. Thank you MiMi for watching him!

Friday night was a fun day for all of us around here. Lucas got to go to MiMi and Pop's house while Ben and I went to the Incubus concert with Olivia's parents, Sam and Steve. I know that I am a little over protective of Lucas, but I think I did a pretty good job without him. We all had a great time despite one little incident of mine that happened that I would like to forget, but those there with us, hum-hum Steve and Ben, will not let me live it down!

The following Tuesday, we had our play date over at Mrs. Lindsi's house where Lucas and Olivia got to play together. Those two are so cute together!

Friday was Grandmama's birthday so we had our first celebration over at GiGi's house. Lucas was his charming self and helped make it a very special event! Happy Birthday Grandmama! Grandmama even took time to teach Lucas how to blow out the candles from a birthday cake since his birthday is just a week away!!!!

On Saturday we continued Grandmama's birthday celebration and went to one of my favorite places to eat, The Smith House up in Dahlonega. Lucas had one of the best meals of his life! When he got tired of one food, we just gave him another to eat up. I have never seen him eat so much in one sitting! He loved it!

On another note, Lucas had a great time at church on Sunday (and I did even better.) We also found out that the next time he goes, he will be moving up to the ONE YEAR OLD class!!

Check back soon for his ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY blog!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mommy cried at church!

August 3-August 9

Monday began our week with a trip to the vet. I dropped Lucas off at MiMi's so she could watch him while I took Trinity to the vet. She was going for her vaccines and for them to look at a knot on her leg. When they did a biopsy, Dr. Mills discovered that it was a form of cancer called a Mast Cell Tumor. I had such a bad feeling about it that it did not shock me when he told me. Our next step is to try and get into a drug study at UGA to help treat her. Because of her age, we didn't think that surgery is the best option until we know what other treatments are out there. So now we just have to wait until Dr. Mills can talk to someone over at UGA to get us an initial exam. We are hoping to hear something on Thursday.

Tuesday we had our play group over at Mrs. Sam and Olivia's house. Lucas really likes playing over there and feeding their dog Opie. Jackson was a very active little boy this week! Both Lucas and Olivia took turns wearing little Jackson's hat. Well, Lucas didn't really want to, but I had to insist!

Here is a sample of all the fun we get to have when we do playdates!

Wednesday we didn't have much on our agenda. We did get out for a quick trip to go pick up MiMi and take her to Pop's office so she could have work done on her mouth.

Thursday we were really starting to get bored, so Lucas and I went to Poole's Mill Park and played around. Lucas felt like a big boy because he got to walk around the park all by himself and without having to hold my hand. We attempted the swing, but there were so many other things to look at, that it didn't keep his attention long. Next, we walked down to the river and played in a small pool area closed in by rocks. He was fascinated at the older kids sliding down the rocks and splashing into the water. I saw a quick glimpse into our future with a strong-willed, dare- devil!

Friday morning we went to the elementary school that I used to work at to meet with a girl that will be making Lucas' birthday cake. I really wanted to do a Lil' Prince theme, but I had to change my mind when I realized how much Lucas likes Mickey Mouse. Anyway, Sarah designed a beautiful Mickey Mouse cake and I can't wait to see it!
I also heard from Dr. Mills today and Trinity has an appointment next Wednesday to get an evaluation done and some blood work to determine her eligibility for the chemo treatment. I am excited to get there and get her treatment rolling!
Later that day, Lucas and I went down to visit GiGi for a diffent kind of Friday night dinner. Lucas was the only boy there!! Pop-Pop and Uncle Taylor went fishing in Florida and Daddy went out with some people from work. Since it was such a small crowd, we treated Lucas to pizza and ice cream. He even got his very own baby cone which he really LOVED!

Saturday, Ben got out and did some yard work until he ran out of gas. It takes a lot to cut an acre!! Since Lucas and I were getting restless inside, we decided to take Daddy to Poole's Mill Park and show him around. Lucas got on the swing for a long time while Daddy took a million pictures! After the photo session, we went down to the river and played until someone yelled snake and we were out of there!

That night we met MiMi and Pops at Chili's for dinner. After being told it would only take 15-20 minutes because we needed a high chair, and then waiting for over 30 watching several larger groups with babies who needed a hair chair flipped over for the carrier, we got fed up! Ben and Pops spoke with the manager who was not helpful at all and was listening to the lying hostess. We were so mad that we just left and went to Outback instead. They seated us instantly and were very accomadating with a baby! If you know me, you know that once you make me mad like that, we will not be back (no matter how good your margaritas are!)

Sunday was a day that I probably wont' forget! We were trying out a new church that day, Mountain Lake Church, and we were putting Lucas in the nursery for the first time. When we got there, he got a name tag and they showed us which room he would be in. As we were checking out the room from the hallway, Lucas just leaned right over the baby gate into one of the volunteers arms and never looked back! I don't know what happened to me, but I lost it right there! Tears were pouring out of my eyes and I couldn't stop. I was so shocked by how quickly he adjusted that I didn't even get to ask all of my responsible mommy questions! We were even meeting some friends, Sam and Jason there, and I'm sure they thought I had lost my mind! Fortunately I was able to get it together by the time the service started. The good news is that we really liked the church and will be trying it out for awhile.

Later that afternoon, we went to Hudson's first birthday party. Lucas had a great time playing with their toy grill and cooking hot dogs on it. He even thought that Olivia needed a bite too! Lucas went outside and played with the water toys in the yard and got soaked! When we came back in, I was changing Lucas when another baby crawled up and grabbed his hair and wouldn't let go. Poor Lucas was screaming! It really just went down hill from there. Next, a big kid threw a dinosaur at him and hit his toe and really freaked him out. With the party being during Luke's nap time and him getting sleepy, we decided that was our que to start packing up! Thanks for inviting us and Happy Birthday Hudson!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I Have an 11 month old baby!!!

July 27-August 2

"Good Morning Sunshine and Happy 11th Month Birthday!"
(Look at that hair!)

My little baby woke up this morning and celebrated his 11 months birthday. I think he knew it was a big day too because he did three new things today!!! First, at breakfast, he signed "more" correctly (not just a clap but with fingers touching). Second, he began dancing to the music on the t.v. It is absolutely the funniest thing to watch! Third, he ate big boy ravioli! It is not his favorite food, but he could feed it to himself and was happy about that.

We headed out and met MiMi, Laura and Peyton at O'Charleys for lunch and then headed to Pop's office. One of the ladies at the office bought Lucas a cute outfit and I wanted to thank her. Unfortunately Lisa was not there, but we enjoyed seeing everyone else anyway. Afterwards, we headed to the grocery store to stock up on our fruits and veggies.

Tuesday, we were so excited to have our Mom's playgroup. We missed them last week because of our company, but were definitely ready for some mommy time! This week we all met at Mrs. Lindsi's house. She of course blew bubbles for Lucas and Olivia and even had a bunch of toys out that they could play with. Olivia is now crawling and chasing Lucas all over the place. Those two babies are so cute together. I love it when Olivia wants Lucas and just tackles him!

That night we took a drive over to visit my parent's and check out their new t.v. They also haven't seen Lucas in awhile and really missed him! My dad went to Wilkes Meat Market and got some of the best filets I have ever had in my life! I made mashed potatoes to bring becuase Uncle Taylor really likes them!

Wednesday we went to the chiropractor and then to BJs to pick up our monthly supply of diapers, wipes and coffee (yes, coffee-they have the biggest back they make of Dunkin Donuts coffe for less than the price of two small bags!). We then went up to the outlet mall to go shopping with MiMi while she picked out some presents for people. We surprised daddy and bought him a PS3 video game because I am so proud of him for getting his MCSE (Microsoft certification). Before we left, we stopped by the food court and got an ice cream cone and a coke. Lucas got to taste for the first time what a coke float tastes like-He Loved it!!! He gets super excited when his mouth starts fizzing! Next, we went to Parsons to look at a few more charms for my Pandora bracelet. Lucas took a small nap along the way! While we were there, we took Lucas to the Christmas display that they have put out where you can see all of the different villages. He was fascinated by the small houses and the moving figures. Lucas would let anyone in the world pick him up if they would just let him stare at the display.

Thursday we met MiMi again for lunch and then went back to Parsons. Unfortunately, I did not have my bracelet with me yesterday and couldn't decide what I liked without it. We finally decided upon some light blue Murano glass charms and even added a Christmas tree charm for last Christmas. Thanks MiMi for all of the charms!! While they were cleaning my bracelet, we let Lucas look at the Christmas display again and then we walked down to a new kid's consignment store, Kid to Kid. What we didn't know was that we had arrived 4 minutes before their Grand Opening! It was nuts with clowns and balloons and screaming kids! We left there with a high chair for my mom, a big activity block, a riding John Deer toy, and a spider man toy. Since Ben was working late, I took the high chair to my parent's house and had dinner with them.

Friday, Ben came home early and wanted to take Lucas to look at the Christmas display at Parsons. We then walked down to Kid to Kid to see if there were any more toys that Lucas would like (yes, we are addicted to buying him things!) After his afternoon nap, we headed down to the mall to do some bathing suit shopping for me. I didn't find any that I liked, but I did get two new dresses! Of course, we had to go into the Mickey Store where Lucas loves to see all of the stuffed animals and watch movies on the big screen.

Saturday was very busy for our family! Benand I left our house at 1:00 to take Lucas over to my parent's house so they could watch him while we went to a movie with the Wheelers. After we dropped him off, we took a very long drive over to the Mall of GA to see Harry Potter on the 3-D Imax. We almost didn't make it in time because the movie didn't have previews! Seriously, what are the chances of that happening! After the movie, we went to eat at the Kani House and then picked up some donuts at Krispy Kreme. Next, we took our 1hr and 45 min drive back to Canton to pick up Lucas and then the 40 minute drive back home to Cumming. It was fun going out, but I'm not sure how worth it was with the driving! Lucas enjoyed spaghetti for the first time at Grandma and Pop-Pop's house though and you could tell he had a great time!

Sunday we took it very easy and only ventured out to go to Provinos so Lucas and I could meet some of Pop's relatives that were staying at their house. We had a great week and are not looking forward to the next week where I have to take Trinity to the vet because she has a knot on her leg...