Sunday, November 30, 2008

Playing Around

We had such a busy month in November!

Uncle Taylor came home from Athens and he and Lucas watched the Georgia game together.
Lucas loves to sit around naked, but when it's cold he still enjoys hanging out in his chair and robe!

I think we have a movie star in our midst, because he just loves the camera! Look at that face! Don't you think he's destined for the camera!

On Election Day, MiMi and Aunt Brooke stopped by to help me out when Lucas would not stop crying!

We tried everything, but sometimes I think he just gets tired of the same person all day! I mean, look how excited Aunt Brooke is with him!

One of our favorite things to do during the day is to go out side and lay around on the blanket. Luke loves to look up at the sky and feel all the leaves on the ground.

Lucas loves his "Mr. Nubby" that he got from Pops when he was born. He kisses, hugs and pulls on him all the time!

Here is our little monkey playing around with the camera again!

We spent the entire morning laying around the house in different rooms and on different blankets to get these cute pictures!

Lucas loves to play on our bed with the sheets!

Here he is looking at his Daddy before he goes off to work.

Right now his eyes are blue with green coming in around the center.

Lucas already thinks he is a big boy and likes to sit up on the couch and stand on his daddy.

Lucas loves his bath time.

Once again, he can't stop looking at the camera!

He is so funny standing in front of the mirror looking at himself! We have to do this every day before the bath!

We had a Small Group Thanksgiving over at Dana's house. The babies got to join us this time. Lucas is still not sure about all the noise when we go out!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving x2

Busy Thanksgiving!

We had such a busy Thanksgiving season around here!

We all worked together to make Lucas' first Thanksgiving t-shirt. He didn't seem to mind because he slept through most of it!

We went over to Ben's parent's house for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Lucas wasn't feeling very well and spent most of the time upset and crying in his daddy's arms.

On Thanksgiving Day we were brave and went over to Winder, GA for dinner at my Uncle Sonny and Aunt Janet's house. Lucas has never traveled that far (for those who don't know, it has taken him a while to like car rides). He did great until I had to stop by Krispy Kreme to get donuts and woke him up. We won't be making that stop again!

Lucas did great meeting my family for the first time. There was a lot of noise and he was passed around to everyone so they could cuddle with him.

In the end, GiGi was there to hold him and show him off!