Sunday, July 26, 2009

Meeting Relatives

July 20-26

We started off Monday meeting MiMi at Up In Cumming Kids to get a stroller for our Cousin Peyton that came to visit this week. I was really excited to meet some of Ben's family that lives out in Arizona. After a little shopping, which Lucas found a pink grocery cart to push around the store while we shopped, we headed over to Dairy Queen for a treat. Lucas ate an entire ranch chicken wrap! I am loving him eating food that is easy to make! After a very big lunch for someone his size, I got an ice cream cone for us to split.

Later that night, Ben and I took Lucas to Target and then out to eat at Olive Garden. Well, we experienced our first temper-tantrum and melt down in Target! He completely threw a fit because we wouldn't let him push around a toy but that we were still getting him, it was just in the buggy! I mean a full blown had-to-leave-while-Ben-checked out fit! However, in the middle of the big meltdown, two young girls walked by and he completely stopped crying and began waving and following them! He is such a flirt!!!
Below is a picture of the toy that we got him taken the next morning.

Tuesday we finally got to meet Ben's cousin Laura and her daughter Peyton (14 months). The two kids really hit it off! Lucas enjoyed having another baby around that could walk and run with him.

After a delicious bbq dinner, we put the babies in a bath together. I know I post a lot of photos, but they were so cute!!!

This video is too cute!

The next day, we all met for lunch and then took the babies to Pop's dental office so they could see the babies. Lucas loves visiting all of the ladies at the office. It also helps that they spoil him and let him play in the "treat box." We were headed to the outlet mall next, but the babies were tired. So, we let them take a nap back at the house and then went shopping. I don't know what was wrong with Lucas that day, but he was very cranky at the outlet mall. It wasn't until I gave him some pretzel sticks that he was happy again. It's funny because I was sure he would like those because I ate them so much when I was pregnant. I would literally drive up to the outlet mall and do the long walk/waddle to Auntie Anne's, sit down and eat, and then head back home!
Anyway, Pops and Daddy met us up at the outlet where we then all headed to eat Mexican. We were hoping the babies would have a fun time since they both LOVE Mexican food, but Lucas slept half of the meal and Peyton was about over all of this traveling around.

Our busy week was just beginning! Thursday MiMi, Laura, Peyton, Lucas and I all headed up to Dahlonega where we ate at The Corksrew which has the best baked brie and quiche. Lucas slept almost the entire meal and then woke up energized and ready to run! Next, we walked around the square and went into all of the little shops. After cruising around, we headed back to MiMi's house and went to the pool. I'm sure MiMi was exhausted because she kept taking turns playing around with the babies in the pool. Below are some pictures of the kids before swimming.

Friday, we took the babies to Lake Lanier Islands and they LOVED every minute of it. Lucas really enjoyed walking around in the water and going under the mushroom. He even got to go to the man-made "beach" and feel the sand and walk in the water. Peyton was so tired that she fell asleep in the middle of our playtime and then Lucas crashed out after I changed him and put him in his stroller and slept until we got home.

That night we went to Ninja for sushi. Poor Peyton was so tired that she could barely hold her head up and kept trying to dose off. By the end of the meal, Lucas was soooo messy from playing with rice that he even had it in his hair!

Our busy week kept on and the entire family headed down to Atlanta to see The Aquarium and The World of Coke. Lucas kept us very busy because he can walk around the place now and has no time for sitting in the stroller. As always, we had a blast! We really love the Aquarium and will probably be getting season tickets. Each time we go it is another adventure and there are always new things to explore.

After the Aquarium, we headed over to The World of Coke. The line was so long so Ben went and stood in line for everyone while we all tried to eat some hamburgers. However, by the time they made the food, Ben had gone through and we were eating fast as we entered. We did discover that Lucas really likes hamburgers though!

The World of Coke was AMAZING! I can't wait to go back again. I was so proud of Lucas the entire time we were there! He took it like a champ when he had to eat in a strange place and had to deal with the crazy amount of people around him. I love it that he can be so flexible! Lucas enjoyed watching the machine bottle coke and he even liked the short 3 minute movie at the beginning. However, for some strange reason, his favorite part was the museum where he got to look at all of the cans and the big yellow car.

"bottle machine"

One of my favorite times at the World of Coke was trying all of the different products. Lucas really enjoyed a kiwi-mango drink from Africa.

The next day, we took it easy because we had been so busy this past week. We went to Target for some groceries and then ate at Atlanta Bread Company. Lucas has this strange liking of pickles and he always eats ours while we are there. That night we went back up to the Wheelers and had a delicious fondue dinner. Aunt Brooke was even there to see Laura. The babies had another great night of playing together...

We headed home early that night so that Ben could get ready for the week and Lucas and I could relax! Next week, here we come...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Can Walk on Grass!

July 13-19

Since the weather has been so beautiful lately, we decided to have some family time out in the yard. Previously, Lucas would not step foot on the grass, but today he decided that it wasn't so bad. Ever since GiGi introduced him to the apple tree in our yard, he is obsessed and thinks he needs an apple off the tree every time we go outside!

Our future "stick collector" walking on the grass for the first time (well not the very first time, but the first time that he actually liked it).

Tuesday we spent a lot of time up at the pool because we were having power issues out our house. So, we packed a bunch of water toys and lunch and spent several hours up at the pool. Lucas had a blast playing with the older kids and watching them "disappear" under the water. After a big lunch, Lucas became tired and took a 45 minute nap in the stroller. It would have been much longer, but some of the "rouger" people in our neighborhood decided it was the time to start arguing and screaming across the pool-not joking! That was our que to leave so we packed up just in time to meet Daddy at home. Since our power was still out, we packed up the family and went up to the Wheeler's for dinner. We headed out to Mexican after Lucas played with Pop's shoes for awhile.

I was really looking forward to Thursday because Penny was coming over to watch Lucas so I could go out and get a pedicure!!!! It is really sad that it was my first one since I was 9 months pregnant! Thanks Penny! After being pampered, we headed down to perimeter for some lunch and shopping. We ate at such a great French bistro, but I cannot remember it's name! Next, we headed into The Container Store. This was Lucas' first time being able to walk around the store, not in his stroller. We tried the stroller, but gave up after a major fit. So instead, he pushed the stroller!! Luke loved The Container Store and especially the kid's art table that they had set up. It will be a great addition to our playroom when Lucas gets older and can sit on a chair.

I was really looking forward to this weekend! We started it off at GiGi's for our Friday night dinner. Then on Saturday, we dropped Lucas off at my parent's new house and then Ben and I headed out for a movie. Since my parent's live in Canton, we went to a theater over there and saw Harry Potter. We really need to work on what to do with ourselves when we don't have Lucas! We ate so much popcorn and candy that we were not hungry for dinner after the movie and we could not come up with something to do! I know, sad huh? However, in our defense we were in a new area and didn't know everything around there. So, we headed back to my parent's house where we hung out for awhile. Since they are late-eaters, they started cooking when we started to get hungry again and we all had delicious steaks and potatoes. Thanks for watching Lucas for us!

Sunday we just played around the house and in the yard and then headed for dinner at O'Charleys with the Wheeler's. Ben's cousin and little girl are coming next week so we met up with them to give them a car seat. I can't wait for Lucas to meet some relatives!

Here is a video of our little soccer player!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hot Stuff!

July 6-11

Sunday after the Fourth of July, we spent the day recovering and getting ready for the week. Lucas took some time away from walking around to show off his musical talents with my old recorder. He can't quite figure out that you are supposed to blow into it, so he uses it mainly as a chewing toy or a drumstick!

Our newest skill we are working on is walking with shoes on. The first video is him a little confused about why there are shoes on his feet and the second one is Lucas getting away from us and saying his classic "Mmm-Hmmm!"

That afternoon, the Wheeler's came over and brought some yummy pizza from Sidney's. Lucas enjoyed a pizza covered with veggies and he LOVED it!

After dinner, Ben and Pops checked out some vacation homes in Destin for our trip in August. I am so excited and can't wait to watch Lucas play at the beach! Anyway, back to our fun filled night...while the boys were busy, Lucas showed off his toned, muscular 10 month old body!

After the chiropractor on Monday, Lucas and I headed to the grocery store to get our week's fruits and veggies and the food for our Mom's group.

Tuesday, Sam and Olivia, and Sindy and Selena came over for lunch. We missed Lindsi and Jackson, but she was on vacation so we will forgive her. Before lunch, the babies played with a bunch of our toys and watched a little Baby Einstein. For lunch the adults ate a pasta salad while Olivia and Lucas enjoyed any food they could throw! Our dogs were very happy to clean up after them though. While Sam was out of the room, Lucas tried hard to teach Olivia a bad habit of throwing her cup, I hope she didn't catch on though. We still thank Olivia for teaching Lucas the art of spitting!

After such a hearty feast, Selena voiced her opinion about all the noise Lucas and Olivia was making, and the two trouble-makers decided to get a little crazy. I wish I could have captured the tackle from Olivia, but here is the video right after. Even though Lucas got body slammed by a girl, he still wanted to kiss her!

Wednesday we went down to Grandma and Pop-Pop's house for dinner because Daddy was doing a presentation in Roswell and it was easier to eat down there. We went to eat one of Lucas' favorite meals, Mexican! He absolutely loves cheese, tortillas, quacamole, and beans.

Thursday was a very busy day for us because I had to go out and about to get ready for Dana's baby shower on Saturday. Since it is so hard to get a bunch done with Lucas getting into everything, MiMi came along to help. We started out at Target where Lucas and I enjoyed some lunch before Penny got there. While I was shopping Lucas got to get out of the shopping cart and walk around a bit. He loves getting into all sorts of trouble while out of the cart. He even tried to take off with another boy his age by pushing his stroller away! After Target we headed to Kohl's to get a dress. Lucas discovered how much fun a dressing room can be by crawling around and trying to get under the doors.

Friday was another busy day for us. Ben and I had to go to court to finish up some of Ben's stuff so Lucas got to hang out at an office for awhile. MiMi arrived shortly after we left to entertain him. We were hoping to finish up before lunch, but no such luck. So, MiMi and Lucas joined us for lunch before we had to go back and they headed to our house. After court, Lucas and I had to go over to Jeni's house to help decorate for the shower on Saturday. He got to experience his first balloon POP and did pretty well until we all made a fuss about it, then he lost it.

Saturday was a monumental day in our family-my parents finally MOVED into their new house. We are all so excited for them and we can't wait to see it decorated! However, with them moving, I was going to have to figure out a way to bring Lucas to the baby shower with me because everyone was helping my parents move. But I didn't worry long because GiGi came to the rescue. Thanks GiGi! She was more than thrilled to get to spend an entire day with Lucas! From what I heard, they had a blast. He made her put on Ben's shoe, they went for a walk and even checked out our apple tree (which he likes to look at everyday now!).

All of the girls from my old small group hosted Dana's beautiful shower. She looked great and we can't wait to meet the new little guy!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July


We had such a GREAT time on the 4th of July! To start the day off, Lucas and Ben spent the morning having some much needed guy time. I swear, there is nothing more beautiful than watching your husband and son playing together!

After Luke's morning nap, we headed over to Sam and Olivia's house for their annual party. They had a ton of delicious food and there were a bunch of children around for Lucas to look at (he's not that sure about it when they are running around and screaming), but he does love watching them. After some yummy food, Lucas began getting very tired and ready for his nap. Sam's mom Linda, offered to watch the babies while the adults went to the pool. Olivia and Lucas were perfect for her and slept for over an hour and then woke up and played together until the adults came back.
We attempted to feed some formula to Lucas, but he was not having it! I am so nervous about how Lucas is going to handle weaning to regular milk. Instead of formula, he ate a hearty feast of more bbq and macaroni.

Later that afternoon, we wrapped up the fun at the Kendig's and headed home to let the doggies out. After a quick trip home to change and recharge, we went back out to Shawn and Dylan's house. They live right on the golf course where they shoot off the fireworks, so all we have to do is get some chairs and a few blankets and enjoy (no traffic!). Grandma and Pop-Pop even came over to enjoy the fireworks.

Since this was Lucas' first firework show, we were all a little nervous about how he would react to the loud noises. However, I should have known better, because Lucas was perfect and had such a great time! I'm not sure he would have been that good if little Aidan had not been there. Aidan is Shawn's nephew that used every ooh-and-ahh appropriately and every adjective a four year old could use to describe each firework. Lucas was amazed by him and clapped right along with him..

After such a wonderful fun-filled day, we were all exhausted and ready to head home. Lucas crashed out almost the minute we put him in the carseat. I love the summer!