Thursday, May 21, 2009

Milestone Mania!!!

Not only has it been a great week with Ben working from home, but it has also been a week full of milestones that Lucas has reached...

It all started on Sunday when we went up to Ben's parent's house. Ben was working on some electronic stuff and MiMi and I were hanging out talking while Lucas played in between us. All of the sudden, Lucas took TWO steps!!!! We started screaming and encouraging him to do more. At first, he steps were sideways like a crab, but after a few practices, he got to THREE steps forward!!! It is so exciting, yet really scary at the same time.

That night as we were eating dinner, I did my usual to feel for any new teeth and sure enough, his right front tooth had poked through!! By Tuesday, the next one was here. It was so sad to see him go through that pain though. His gums were actually bleeding, poor little guy.

Monday was just another normal day, going to the chiropractor. But that night, Lucas went even further and decided it was time to take FIVE steps this time! I tried catching it on video, but he insisted that he wasn't ready to show the world yet. Instead you see him bailing out and crawling. He is very selective about when he walks!

He is also now very fluent with the sign language of "more". He signs "more" almost the entire time he is eating. Below is a video...

One of my favorite things to do at the end of the day is to watch my two boys having their bonding time. Ben gives Lucas a bath and then does a lotion massage. Next, Ben reads Lucas the book, "Just Like Daddy." Lucas feels each page with textures and then turns the page. Each page ends with the phrase "just like daddy" which is what Ben is signing on the picture below.

Tuesday we had lunch with the moms again. This time all of Lucas' friends were awake and active! I honestly don't know how they could sleep between Olivia and Lucas! This has become our favorite outing for the week. Lucas really enjoys playing with other children and I LOVE getting out and socializing with other moms.

To see two CUTE videos (one of Lucas playing ball with Olivia and the other of them with instruments), go to Sam's blog The title will read "My Playgroup Rocks" and scroll down to the two videos. Trust me, they are worth going to for a good laugh!!!

That afternoon, we had our swimming class. The afternoon was already getting a little rocky with Lucas having an upset stomach and then us running late for class because Lucas was a sleepyhead. But when we got there, Lucas had a blast! He is really using his arms and legs very well. Honestly, it's not just the proud mom talking. Even the swim teacher has said that she has never seen an 8 month old trying to swim like he is!!!

Wednesday was very calm around here with Lucas not feeling 100% because of really bad diaper rash. He still found the time to attempt walking again, but not getting any on video.

Today, my little prince touched my heart and started giving me big wet kisses on demand. He is such a little cuddle bug and is also really using the "mamamamama" phrase!!! It is so amazing how much they learn in just a few short months. Next swim lesson, if Ben is there again, I will bring my camera to try and catch a video of our little fish using his arms and feet to swim.

So to sum it up: walking, teething, signing, playing with friends, swimming, kissing, and MAMA!

Busy Busy Around Here!

Lucas has been growing up so fast around here! He is surprising us by learning so much every day!

Last Tuesday was our first swimming class, and we even went as a family. Lucas had so much fun. There are 6 other children in the class with us, 2 boys and 4 girls. Lucas is the youngest in the class. I wasn't sure how he was going to react when we started walking in the water, but he tried jumping out of my arms trying to do it by himself! Our teacher, Mrs. Kathy, started teaching us how to blow bubbles in the water, how to spit water out of our mouths, how to lay on our backs, how to reach with our arms and kick with our feet, and how to climb out the side of the pool. We sang lots of songs and even got to play with a rubber ducky. By the end of class, we were all starting to get cold, but Lucas kept a smile on his face the whole time. He was even being so good during class, that Mrs. Kathy used him as an example when teaching a new skill.

Here is a video of Lucas and Daddy coming out of the water...

Last Wednesday, Lucas and I met MiMi for lunch at our favorite meeting spot, O'Charleys. After a great lunch, we headed to Old Navy where Lucas was showered with lots of outfits. We even got Lucas and Ben matching outfits (the pictures will come as soon as I can get those boys in them at the same time!)
That night we went to Mexican with Dylan and Shawn. Lucas enjoyed yelling during a lot of meal, but we did discover that in addition to avocado, he also likes refried beans. We even all went grocery shopping at Publix after dinner. Lucas really likes to be held by Dylan!

Then Thursday we had our weekly playdate over at Joanne's house. Lucas had a great time and really thought he was hot stuff sitting in a Boppy chair ON TOP of the dining table, even if it was pink. Lucas' favorite girl, Olivia, had kind of a rough morning before she got to lunch, but as soon as she and Lucas started playing together, she made a liar out of her mommy! They had a great time playing and almost sharing with the beach ball and music instruments. The moms also had a great time eating and sharing stories. Lucas' new friend Jackson took a long nap the entire time and his other girl Parker sat up watching Lucas and Olivia fight over music instruments. Check out Sam's (Olivia's mom) blog at to see a video of Olivia and Lucas playing instruments. (Under Blog Archive on the left side of the screen, click on "Hangin' with the Homies" and then scroll down to the video).

After our playdate, Lucas took a quick nap before we went to swim lessons. He really loves the water and doesn't mind it when we pour water over his head. He has started reaching out in the water and trying to kick. I think blowing bubbles is going to take longer to learn! This class, MiMi came to watch and she and daddy observed from outside the pool.

Friday night we met Ben's parents down in Roswell at Red Lobster. Lucas joined us and really enjoyed watching the other children around him eating. As a special treat, Pops fed him his dinner.

On Saturday we FINALLY made it up to see Justin and Michelle and new baby Emma. She is adorable and mom and dad look great. They are wonderful people and are going to be such good parents!

Check back soon. I promise to have more recent stuff up!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

My First Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers in our family!

I spent my first Mother's Day morning awake for several hours before the official start of the day! Poor Lucas is teething so badly and he just couldn't calm down and get back to sleep. We finally gave him Benedryl and got to sleep in until 8:30! Before I got out of bed, Ben made the coffee and cinnamon rolls.

After I fed Lucas, it was present time! Lucas enjoyed helping me get all of the paper off the box for me and then playing in the box. I was so excited that Ben got me a ton of scrapbooking stuff! Including a Cricut Jukebox and two new cartridges!!!! I can't wait to find the time to finally use it all!

Lucas got me a beautiful card and one of the best presents any baby could ever give-he finally used sign language!!!! We were eating and at first, we thought he was clapping. However, looking a little closer, he was signing "MORE"!!!

Ben let me take my sweet time getting ready for the day. I definitely took advantages of days when I could shower, put my make-up on, and dry my hair without getting pulled in a bunch of directions.

While Ben was getting ready, I packed up Luke's toys. Here he is chilling out in his pack and play waiting to leave.

For my first Mother's Day, both Ben and my families went to the Waverly Hotel at the Cobb Galleria for the Mother's Day brunch. If you have never been, I highly recommend it!!! WOW!!

GiGi wanted some alone time with Lucas and offered to watch him while we went to the Waverly. She had such a good time! I heard that they went for a walk, she had company over to meet him, they ate a lot of food, and crawled around every square inch of her place! Thanks GiGi!

Happy Mother's Day to All!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Catching up... the week before Mother's Day.

I know, I know, I haven't blogged anything in awhile. My excuses: baby, teething, crawling, scrapbooking and new computer (did I mention teething?!). There are just sooo many things to do and just not enough time to do them all.

So, now let's go back to two weeks ago...
Tuesday, we had a fun lunch over at Sam and Olivia's house with the mom's group. Lucas sat in his Bumbo at the table with us while we ate. Since he is just so mobile now, we have to pack a lot of stuff when we travel. He finds it quite fun to push his toys around a new environment.

Wednesday was Aunt Brooke's 24th birthday. We celebrated at a small Mexican restaurant down off of 285 inside the perimeter. Lucas had a great time following all of the waiters around and playing with Pops.

Thursday we went to visit Grandma at her office and went out to eat at Bugaboo Steakhouse. The food was not that great, but Lucas was hilarious! They had all sorts of stuffed animals around the restaurant that randomly moved around and talked. Lucas really liked the talking moose and skunk that popped out of some waders. We sat in front of the fireplace which had a large black bear on the mantel. Lucas could not stop looking at it!!! We would be eating or holding him and he would randomly turn around to check on that strange thing above him.

After a very funny lunch, we went back to Grandma's office to show Lucas off. He was in rare form and I think probably making a statement about how he did not want to be sitting in a chair or car seat. Lucas found himself a large bankers box and pushed it around the entire office. People were coming out of their office to watch this little 8 month old "working hard."

That night, Ben's parents came over for pizza and also brought some of Ben's old baby clothes. It was so much fun going through some of the things that Ben wore as a baby. I can't wait for Lucas to be able to fit in some of the outfits (especially the dental scrubs!) We all had so much fun watching Lucas play with some of the clothes too!

Friday, we rested around the house in order to get ready for Dawson County's Relay for Life. Ben's parents were Team Captains and organized a group to walk. It really is amazing and eye-opening to go to a cancer event and see all of the survivors and those battling the disease. There is nothing that will bring tears to your eyes faster than seeing young children fighting cancer. I'm glad that we were a part of the event and thank you MiMi for working so hard.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

8 Months Old!!!!!

Happy 8 Months Lucas!

Wow! I can't believe sometimes that my little baby boy is 8 months old! It really seems like not too long ago he was just 8 lbs. 1 oz. and wrapped up tight in a swaddle!

Here are a few things that Lucas is up to at 8 months old:
-He is now WAVING and CLAPPING!!!
-He is sleeping through the night from 8:30 pm to 7:30 am!!!
-He loves to feed himself! Now that he is 8 months old, he gets to try A LOT more food.
-He loves to help with the laundry! I bring the basket in and he pushes it to the bedroom where I fill it up with dirty clothes. He then pushes it to the door where I put it in the wash. When it is dry, I bring the basket back in and he pushes it around the room while I grab some clothes now and then to fold them. Lucas then pushes all of the folded clothes to the room for me. I am just sooo proud!!
-Lucas really enjoys playing with "Mommy's toys" in the kitchen while I make dinner.
-This one I am not too happy about, but Lucas has learned how to crawl up the stairs!
-One of his favorite toys is a computer keyboard that daddy gave him to play with.
-He loves all things and toys that he can push and walk behind.
-He really likes to jump in his doorway jumper.
-I know his Pops is proud because Lucas loves to brush his two teeth and gums!! He also likes for us to put the end of our Sonicare toothbrushes in his mouth to feel the vibrations.
-Lucas is finally really interested in books. His two favorites are: Just Like Daddy and Where Is Baby's Bellybutton? Each night Ben reads the books to Lucas after his bath and before I feed him and put him to sleep. Lucas likes to turn the pages, feel the fuzzy animals on the pages, and lift the flaps. He really can do it all by himself which shocks us!
-He also has developed a sense of humor! When he's crawling away from us and we call him back, he squeals and goes faster. Lucas is also trying out some funny faces to make us laugh.

We had a very busy 8 month birthday week! First, our air conditioner decided to break on us so it got very hot in our house for a day. Fortunately, since I was pregnant in the summer last year, we had a few extra A.C. units laying around until they fixed it. Then, we got Dish Network installed. We also had our first Gymboree Play and Learn class where Lucas got to play with Olivia and Ms. Sam. Lucas had soo much fun! He got to play in a tunnel, bang noise makers, play peek-a-boo with a clown, and sing fun songs. However, just like Olivia, some of his favorite activities of the day were definitely the bubbles that Ms. Joyce blew all around him and laying under the parachute with the other babies while all the moms made it go up and down. Lucas also loved the play area where he got to climb up the stairs and go down the slide. We will definitely be going back to that class!! That night, we enjoyed Shawn and Dylan coming over for dinner. Believe it or not, all of this happened in ONE DAY!! What a way to celebrate turning 8 months! Lucas is such a good baby and just goes with the flow. Thanks to everyone that sent birthday thoughts our way!
This week we also registered Lucas for swim lessons! He starts May 12 and goes Tuesdays and Thursdays for 4 weeks. I can't wait to see him in a swimsuit and in the water!

We also met two other new moms in Ms. Sam's neighborhood this week for a play date. Lucas really loves his girl Olivia, especially since she shared her blanket and toys with him! We also met 11 week old Parker (pictured below) and 7 week old Jackson (asleep in his carrier, but we'll meet next time). We have lunch this Tuesday with everyone and hopefully the babies will be on their best behavior again while we eat some yummy food :)

As a special treat, we went shopping and got Lucas some more toys. I know, we are obsessed with buying for him!! This time we got him a play sports tent (too complicated to explain- you will just have to come over to see it!), a few puzzles, a new DVD, a water book, and another activity center which resembles a house. We are officially running out of room in our house!

Saturday night, we went to a Kim's graduation party! Lucas got to see Ms. Kathy who always messes up his hair (I know Lucas secretely loves it!). We brought along one of Luke's push toys to keep him entertained. However, we are finding out that simple things such as a plate can keep him entertained! He really liked walking around a new house and playing with all of the other children there. One of our friends Sandra even offered to feed Lucas while we ate, and he was great for her and gobbled up his Mango/Blueberry/Yogurt meal.

I'm warning everyone that this last part of the blog is full of videos!!! What can I say, he's just too adorable!

Here is a SHORT video of how busy Lucas is and how much he moves around!

Below is a video of my little man waving and pushing his walker...

My baby playing ball...

Clapping for the VERY FIRST TIME (and fortunately I had my camera right there!)...

Happy 8 Months my love!