Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Fun

The wonderful fall weather has kept us pretty busy around here, especially since Lucas thinks he needs to go outside every afternoon between 4-7. I think we have visited every park around us and brought almost all of our toys outside to play.

Below is a video of a typical fun afternoon around our house dancing. Our downstairs has become a constant playroom now since Lucas acquired so many new toys from his birthday. The kitchen set was a great idea that has kept Lucas constantly busy and entertained.

We had a fun night out at one of our neighbor's house, Mr. Rick and Mrs. Tiffany. Mrs. Tiffany has been out of town for several weeks for police training and it was sort of a welcome home party for her. We all love getting out and letting all the kids play together. Lucas especially likes Esa, our 9 year old little girl neighbor, who loves to entertain him and carry him around. While most of the bigger kids played ball, Lucas rode his new motorcycle big-wheel around trying to interrupt the game as much as possible.

This month was also Madden's 2nd birthday. Madden's house is primarily 75% toys so all of the kids LOVE going there. Lucas fell in love with the play grill and new train table (definitely great Christmas ideas).

Happy birthday Madden, we hope you had a great day!

GiGi's best friend, Mrs. Kathy gave Lucas another birthday present one night at our weekly Sunday dinners. Since then, Lucas has really enjoyed playing with the train every time we are over there. Thank you Kathy!

We headed up to Dahlonega with the Wheeler's one night for dinner at Piazza. Lucas really enjoyed the evening, especially when we all walked around the square. After so much walking, Lucas and Poppie entertained themselves with a new game (see video below). We have since had to repeat this game every time we are in Dahlonega now.

Here are some photos from a typical afternoon outside. I tried cleaning up all of our yard toys by washing them off, and Lucas did the same.

Another great thing that happened in September was that Ben and I went on our first trip away to the Bahamas, without Lucas. Lucas stayed at my parent's house for a few nights and then swapped over to Ben's parent's house for a few nights. Ben and I were both so nervous about leaving him, yet so excited for a few days away without any responsibility. Lucas did great without us and had no problem transitioning between grandparents. I absolutely loved hearing his voice over the phone! Thank you to everyone that helped watch over our little boy (including Mrs. Sam who helped MiMi and Poppie take Lucas to the pool by providing the keys and floaties!)

When we returned home, we jumped right back into a busy life. It all started with Olivia's first cousin, Harper, being born. I was on Olivia watch for when Mrs. Sam's sister went into labor, which happened to be a few hours after we got home from the Bahamas. The next morning, Olivia's dad dropped her off for the day. Lucas could not have been more thrilled to spend the entire day with Olivia. I really enjoyed having her there to entertain Lucas (especially since he has a hard time hearing the word "no" after he has spent several days with the grandparents.)

I was a little nervous about how we would all handle nap time around here, but we finally figured it out. Lucas and Olivia both insisted (yes, they really did) that they sleep in the same bed for nap. I was not quite sure how it would go, but figured it was worth a shot. Below is a video of them cuddling together. I was recording my video baby monitor so it is not a great image, but you can still see them snuggling together. Poor Olivia just wanted her beauty sleep and Lucas just would not leave her alone. It almost got a little X-rated so I broke up the slumber party and Lucas took a nap in our bed. Olivia didn't sleep that long and talked me into hanging out with her until her mommy got there. She is one persuasive little girl!

Since Fall is my favorite time of year, we headed up to Ellijay and Hillcrest Orchards early in the season to enjoy the apple season. Ben and I were a little disappointed in how much the apple farms had turned into major tourist venues. Lucas didn't know the difference and had fun even though there were bus loads of people there. His favorite (and least expensive) part of the day was when we got to ride on a tractor to and from the parking lot. Since we have a little Einstein on our hands, he wants to know what kind each tractor is and needs a name to match the color of the tractor. I have never known so much about construction vehicles and tractors in my life!

The pictures below were taken at the very small Seller's Orchard that has the BEST raspberry apple cider in the world!

Here is a video of the daily battles that have begun over vegetables. I thought I did everything right by starting out early feeding him veggies, but apparently no matter what you do early on, some kids just won't eat them!

Towards the end of the month, I got to help host a SURPRISE baby shower for one of our very good friends, Olga, who is pregnant with TWIN BOYS! We had the shower planned at another friend's house on a later date, but Olga had a little scare and thought she might have to get induced early. So...with a little planning from all of us moms, we quickly moved things around and had the baby shower at my house the night before her doctor appointment. Everyone that came brought a dinner item and it turned into such a nice dinner party! The shower was so last minute, that not everyone could come, but we all had a great time and we hope Olga did too. Since the shower was a surprise, I had told Olga that I had a present and dinner for her and asked if she could come by to pick it up. I'm sure she thought I was some friend, asking a 9 month-pregnant-with-twins-mom-of-a-two-year-old to stop by my house to pick up her own present; but, we tried so hard for weeks to keep the shower a surprise and I wasn't backing down! She got to my house and Ben and I met her at the door and led her to the living room where everyone yelled Surprise! She was sooo shocked and I'm so glad that I was a part of her first 'American Baby Shower,' as she calls it! We are so excited for you Olga, and can't wait to meet those precious little boys.

As you can tell, we had a very busy September and I can't wait to show everyone what we have been up to in October! Happy Fall!!