Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Daddy's Home!

We are so happy that Ben is done with his Microsoft training! I know I'm a little slow posting new things, however, here is the last few days of our lives. Friday night we went over to GiGi's for a fabulous dinner. We were hoping to get a little more sleep than Lucas allowed us to have, but he insisted on waking up around 6:00 Saturday morning. Below is a video of him being very energetic on Saturday morning...

Since Lucas was ready to go, we ate some very yummy, but unhealthy cinnamon rolls and then we all got dressed and ready to go out. We did a lot of much needed shopping for Lucas. At our first stop, we got him three activity tables, some bathing suits, and a push/riding toy. I can't believe how independent he is on the push toy!

Our next stop was at Walmart where we got my oil changed and walked around for awhile. Lucas has definitely learned how to manipulate his daddy! Lucas saw a hammer and nails toy and did the CUTEST look up at Ben that practically screamed "Please Daddy, Please!" We also bought him a really small yard pool for him to play in.

Sunday, we rode around town and ran some more errands before heading up to MiMi and Pop's house for dinner.
Here are some pictures from Sunday morning. I had to document Lucas' cute chubby face!

Monday was a pretty big day around here because Lucas is now DEFINITELY crawling! I began the day in the shower and put Lucas on his blanket outside the door with some toys. Next thing I knew, I looked out of the shower and he is sitting on the bath mat in the bathroom! We are a definitely scared now!
After we got ready, we went to the chiropractor and then to Hobby Lobby where we stocked up on some scrapbook stickers. Then, we went and ate lunch with Ben.

Tuesday, we had a playdate with Samantha and her little girl Ava (2 years old). Lucas finds Ava absolutely fascinating! We met at Central Park and played on the playground. Lucas got to get on a swing all by himself and LOVED it. Below are some pictures and a video at the end...

Here he is just chilling!


Keep checking back for more updates on our now crawling baby!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Carousel and New things!

We started out our busy day by going to the chiropractor. Lucas really enjoys flirting with all of the women there!

After the chiropractor we went to the mall with MiMi. Lucas got to enjoy (well we really were not sure how much) his first carousel ride!

While we were at the mall, we went into Baby Gap and couldn't resist the adorable hats for summer! We also went into Pottery Barn Kids and got a great baby food cookbook and then walked around the mall into the Black and White store, Macy's, Dillards, and Build-a-bear.

After the mall we went to Babies R Us, and I got Lucas some food nets to put grapes and such in and some teething biscuits. I had a hard time finding good ones in the grocery stores that did not have a bunch of chemicals and sugar in them. He thought he was hot stuff eating a "cookie." They made a HUGE mess, but he loved it!

Even after such a busy day, he still surprised us...the most exciting thing that happened today was that Lucas took two steps crawling tonight!!! He was sooo excited (well, I'm not sure who was more excited, him or Ben!)

We will keep everyone updated when Lucas starts moving around more!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

This is what we think of Avacado!

This past weekend Uncle Taylor came home from Athens and spent a few hours with us. We went outside and played on a blanket while Ben cleaned off an outside slide for Lucas. Taylor helped us walk the dogs and we all watched them run around the yard.

Ben and Lucas had some much needed cuddle time.

Lucas is really enjoying tummy time lately because he is just about to crawl! Until then, he likes to play with his crawling Pooh Bear and his duckies which encourages crawling. I bet he wouldn't play with them if he knew they were trying to teach him something!

This week Ben started his Microsoft training and leaves early in the morning and comes home so late that he barely has time to give Lucas a bath and then put him down.

I've been staying busy by going to my Chiropractor appointments on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tuesday, Lucas and I got up early and went to take MiMi to her eye doctor appointment. Wednesday, I got a mini-massage at the chiropractor to try and give me some relief and Lucas gave me about 15 minutes of peace before he woke up. Ms. Tonya (or Lucas' girlfriend), the wonderful lady who gives the message, surprised me with a 1 hour massage on her!! Any babysitters?

On Thursday, Lucas and I went over to Samantha's house to play with her two year old little girl, Ava. Lucas thought she was the funniest person he ever met! I think he understood her when she was talking! She was too fast for my camera, but Lucas couldn't resist a photo op...

Lucas loved playing with Ava's blocks, that at first he wasn't even interested in the camera!

Ava had such a great playroom and so many toys for Lucas to explore! He especially LOVED the ball-pen! So, any family out there wondering what to get Lucas, that would be an amazing gift!!

Samantha was so sweet and let Lucas borrow a toy table. So far, he LOVES it! Of course I had to take a picture of him having so much fun, and wouldn't you know the five seconds I let go of him to take a picture, he fell straight backwards!! No worries, he is ok, but I'm sure has a headache! Even though he took a fall, he got right back up and wanted to go again!

Even after such a busy day, Lucas still wanted to get on his laptop (just like Daddy!).
And now, the reason for the title!
I've read that babies really like avocado and have been attempting to feed it to him. He seems to like it when mixed with banana, but here is a video of what he thinks of it by itself...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Great Day at the Park!

On Friday we went to Sims Lake Park with Allyson and Hudson and Sam and Olivia. The weather was absolutely beautiful!

When we got there, Lucas refused to sit in his car seat on the stroller and decided that he would rather sit like a big boy. So, of course he got his way, but not without a fight to put his sunglasses on!

We walked around the park and then sat to watch the geese. Luke thought they were hilarious! He was definitely trying to figure them out! Some of the older children, including Allyson's 3 year old, Brayden, fed the geese. Since it was such a pretty day and the scenery was breathtaking, we had to pause for a photo-op (thanks Sam for always having your camera ready!)

The three babies all looked so cute in their strollers! After hanging out at the pond, we put them back in their strollers and walked over to the playground.

My regular sunglasses are in the shop, so I had a different pair on that day and Lucas could not keep his eyes off me! He kept trying to see me in the glasses and take them off my face. I'm sure with my new hair color and different glasses, it really threw him for a loop!

Lucas really enjoyed his first time on the playground equipment! He kept wanting to stand on his own and bounce. We also took time out for a little swing together.

After a great day at the park, we all headed over to Chick-fil-A for lunch. Olivia enjoyed lunch, Hudson was so tired after a busy day and crashed out while eating, and Lucas decided to fall asleep looking around at all the people. He slept all the way back home where he got to eat and then get put back in the car for a trip to the chiropractor.

We still weren't done traveling after the chiropractor and when Daddy got home from work, we headed down to Friday night dinner at GiGi's where Uncle Taylor surprised us and came home for a visit!

Saturday, Lucas and Daddy stayed at home together while I went to Michelle's Baby Shower. On the day that Lucas was born, she found out she was 5 weeks pregnant! Michelle looked amazing and I really enjoyed seeing all the girls from my small group.