Sunday, April 25, 2010

New truck, gymboree and a birthday party

We had a nice surprise on Saturday when Uncle Taylor and Grandmama came over. To add to the excitement, Uncle Taylor drove his new truck that Lucas has not stopped talking about! We all went to Chepe's for dinner where Lucas devoured a cheese dip and Grandmama and I devoured some mango margaritas!

On Sunday, we went to the mall to get Lucas some outfits from Gymboree. While I shopped, Daddy took Lucas for a train ride around the mall and then stopped off so Lucas could get on a few of the toys.

We had a very busy and fun Tuesday this week. First, in the morning where we had playgroup over at Mrs. Alisha and Tyler's house. Lucas and Olivia had a great time running around with play golf clubs and Sam and I had a fun time chasing after them before the clubs became a weapon! We then headed down to GiGi's house while Lucas took a short nap in the car. GiGi jumped in our car (Mrs. Kathy followed in her "Hon...Da" as Lucas calls it) and went to watch a softball game at Kennesaw State University where we got to watch cousin Brianna pitch for mommy's favorite school, Georgia Southern!! Lucas was thrilled to see Uncle Sonny, Aunt Janet and Mrs. Lisa from Winder. We haven't seen them in so long and Lucas really got used to hanging out with them while Trinity had her chemo at UGA a few months ago. Lucas did absolutely amazing during the two games and charmed everyone around him. I couldn't believe how well-behaved he was! During the second game, Grandmama arrived to see everyone and then we all went to dinner at Fudruckers.

Gymboree was special this week because Daddy surprised us and took off work to come play. I don't know who was more excited, Lucas or Olivia?! She was so happy that he was there, she followed him around yelling out "Hi, Hi." Both children did great joining in this week's activities; however, Lucas was a little quiet for some reason. I'm so glad that you got to join us this week Daddy!

We also had a special surprise Thursday afternoon when Grandmama stopped by our house after a work event. Lucas loved seeing her when he woke up from his nap! After a failed attempt to get him to eat a snack, we gave in and headed outside. Lucas was pampered and enjoyed full attention from Grandmama who let him do whatever he wanted.

It also happened to be Earth Day and Lucas showed off his shirt to everyone who would look at him. He would randomly tell people to "Re-dI-dol" which means "Recycle". So Happy Earth Day everyone!

The rainy Saturday postponed our plans to go to another Touch-A-Truck event, but we did get to enjoy a nice birthday party instead. Some friends from our old small group had a very special First birthday party for baby Emma. I will never forget when Michelle found out she was pregnant because it was on the day that Lucas was born!

Lucas enjoyed the party and got to play with some of the children that he has not seen since we were in small group with the parents. Lucas played with Joshua, who is a few months older, and the boys had a great time pushing all of Emma's new push toys around the house. He also finally got to meet baby Joseph who is 7 months old and has beautiful blue eyes and an adorable smile. Before we left the party, Michelle and I thought it would be cute to get all of the children together on the couch for our traditional kid's picture. I was really surprised at how well all of the children did, especially with that many and of different ages! For some reason, Lucas found one little boy to sit next to and lean on. As a mom, I found it absolutely adorable; however, the little boy was not quite sure what to think of Lucas all over him!

We had a wonderful time at the party Justin and Michelle! Happy Birthday Emma!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A lot of fun...especially with Olivia

I feel like the beginning of this blog post is nothing but Olivia and Lucas! Those two are so close and are just too darn cute for words sometimes.

Our usual routine around here has been playing outside from about 4-6:30 everyday. Lucas wants to 'feel' very independent lately and wakes up from his nap and wants to help pick out his snack. We pack up and then head outside with snacks and toys.

Tuesday afternoon, Olivia and Mrs. Sam (her name is now inter-changable from "Nam" to "Ham") stopped by after their walk and joined us in the backyard. Since we already saw each other at playgroup earlier that morning, they were all jokes and were holding nothing back! They began playing in the sand and water table and Lucas showed Olivia how to dunk her head in the water.

Next, Olivia started messing with Lucas by putting sand on her hand and then walking around the table to rub it on his arm. She was laughing and he was yelling (note the picture on the right)!

Towards the end of their fun, they both took turns in the car and the one not in the car would come up and mess with the one "driving."

Sam and I were in hysterics at how funny the kiddos were. We have never seen them "messing" with each other so much!

Later that week, we met up with Mrs. Sam and Olivia at Gymboree. Lucas really likes our instructor Mrs. Michelle and was fascinated watching her teach the new concepts, high and low. Ever since our class, Lucas has demonstrated that he has mastered the concept of high and low by saying it several times a day. Upstairs he will yell "up high" and when we come down, he yells "down low." It is quite amazing how much he can pick up and learn at such a young age!

Here is a short video from Gymboree. The end of class is Lucas' favorite time because we all get together and sing. The first song is about bubbles and normally Lucas would be singing and patting like everyone else. However, today an older girl was in the class and he was mesmerized by her singing! Watch his "moves" as he tries to get her attention...

Friday morning we had an unexpected call from Mrs. Alisha and Tyler who were going to the park and invited Mrs. Sam, Olivia, and us. We went to a new park in a family fun center where everything was family oriented, including the surrounding restaurants. One of the most amazing aspects of the park was that it seemed like it was built for toddlers! While I was walking around, I saw a sign that said the park was part of the Wade Foundation which helps create environments where children with special needs can play with other children. It immediately touched my heart and has become our new favorite park.

After playing at the park, we all went to a burger restaurant and had lunch. Lucas and Olivia took a moment before we ate to "drive" a car together.

Friday afternoon, we all had a scare when Grandmama was put in the hospital for heart testing. I'm jumping ahead, but thank goodness, she is alright. Poor Grandmama has also been suffering for weeks with a cold that just won't go away. Lucas says to get better soon Grandmama!

Lucas was kind of cranky the rest of the day, so our dinner plans of going out were postponed and we had a pizza dinner up at the Wheeler's house instead. While we were there, Lucas found a rake that was just his size and decided to do a little gardening. And of course, we had our traditional ride on the "mow."

Our weekend plans were put on hold since Lucas was supposed to have a sleepover at Pop-Pop's house, but since Grandmama was still in the hospital, we were not sure what was going to happen. Fortunately, Grandmama and GiGi were determined to see Lucas and our weekend plans were not interrupted.

Saturday afternoon, we headed down to GiGi's house to drop off Lucas for dinner and then a sleepover at Pop Pop's house. Ben and I headed out for a night of fun at the Alan Jackson concert at the Verizon Amphitheater. Ben gets great tickets from his office including VIP parking and access to the Cadillac Club. We met an old friend and his girlfriend there and gave them extra tickets to come up and sit with us, 20 rows from the stage! We had a great time getting out and really enjoyed the concert.

The next morning, we pampered ourselves and headed to Chateau Elan for a couples massage that was Ben's birthday present from me. We had such a wonderful time being pampered and walking around in a robe all day. When the relaxation time came to an end, we headed over to pick up Lucas. It never fails that when we are away from our little man, even for a night, we are always so anxious to get our arms around him!

I know that everyone thinks their child is amazing, but our little man is so darn cute and funny! He is just full of laughs and jokes lately. He is also talking like crazy and shocks us everyday when he puts sentences together. We are so happy and couldn't imagine life any other way!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Daddy's Birthday and Easter Festivities

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you and wish that you didn't have to work all day in Atlanta on your birthday. The picture below is of the card that Lucas gave Ben for his birthday. Lucas honestly helped me glue every inch of his birthday card. Glue was EVERYWHERE!

While Daddy was at work, Lucas and I headed out to Gymboree. I didn't have my camera so Mrs. Sam took all of the pictures. Thanks for being on top of it today Sam!

For dinner, MiMi and Pops came down and we all went to eat at Sushi Nami in Alpharetta. We tried some new kinds of sushi and had a great dinner. For dessert, we headed back to the house where we enjoyed a yummy Dairy Queen birthday cake. Lucas tried really hard to help Daddy blow out the candle. We also took a few minutes to look at some baby pictures of Daddy, it is amazing to see the resemblance between Ben and Lucas!

Here is Lucas happily eating cake.... and then watching us put the cake back in the freezer!

Since Ben had to work on his birthday, we tried to have a nice family day on Friday when Ben was at home with us for Good Friday. We packed up and headed to Sims Lake Park for a picnic lunch. While we were there we also fed the ducks and played on the playground. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home so we will have to go back another day for a photo shoot.

We made Saturday another family fun day when we headed down to Zoo Atlanta. Lucas loved watching all of the animals and recognizing them from his flashcards and books.

While we were there we got to watch the gorillas do an Easter egg hunt! We happened to walk up a few minutes before and got a great spot to see the zookeepers put out the jello eggs. A few minutes later, they released the gorillas and they all ran around grunting and eating the eggs. Lucas was just mesmerized by it all! One gorilla was particularly funny and while waiting, he sat there with his hand up to his ear pretending to be on the phone! Before we left the gorilla exhibit we tried to get a picture of Lucas sitting on the bronze Willie B statue, but you can see by the picture how well that turned out!

I think his favorite part of the entire day was getting to ride around the zoo on the train! Whenever we mention the zoo, he yells "Choo-Choo!" We all had such a great day at the zoo and can't wait to go back! I'm sure Lucas wouldn't mind riding the train again either!

Saturday night felt almost like Christmas around here as we were preparing for the Easter Bunny! Ben and I talked about our family traditions and decided which old and new ones we were going to use with Lucas. The first "new" tradition we did was similar to a Christmas one. We set out milk and carrots for the Easter bunny. I know it sounds weird but setting out milk for Santa really helped Lucas want to drink milk, so we thought it was appropriate to keep it going! We also set out his empty Easter basket and told Lucas that if they Easter Bunny came and drank all of his milk, he would fill the basket full of goodies. Lucas went to sleep pretty excited and probably a little confused too!

When Lucas woke up in the morning, we had the video camera ready to watch his reaction when he saw what that Easter Bunny did! The video is too long to post, but I can send anyone a link to it if they want to see it. When Lucas came out of his room, he looked down and saw bunny "prints" and Easter eggs all over the place!

The prints led from Lucas' room all the way down the hall, over a tractor, down the stairs, and into the living room. Lucas followed them to the table where the Easter bunny filled up his basket and ate the carrots and drank the milk; and then, over to his big surprise...a sand a water table for outside! He was so excited, he didn't know what to play with first. So he settled on eating a full Cadbury egg !

After discovering all of the surprises that the Easter Bunny left, he was ready to grab his basket and collect all of the eggs laying around the house. Of course, he had to open a few along the way to get the jelly beans out of them.

We later got Lucas all dressed up and took a wagon ride up to Olivia's for an egg hunt. Since Olivia and Lucas are my favorite people to photograph, I had to put all of the pictures on a slide show... (don't forget to click on 'View All Images' to see the properly.)

After the egg hunt, we came home for lunch and then changed clothes to go outside and finally play with the sand and water table! At first, Lucas was not fond of the sand, but he got over it and was soon throwing it in the water.

After a nap, we got all dressed up again and waited for MiMi and Pops to come down and ride with us to GiGi's for Easter dinner. When we arrived, everyone was already there, including Aunt Brooke, Uncle Taylor, Grandmama, and Pop-Pop. Before we went inside, Lucas had to stop off at GiGi's car for a short pretend drive!

Lucas was enjoying some outside time and had to stop and smell the flowers!

Family photo session...!

Happy Easter!