Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Madness

March was definitely a very fun and event-filled month! We had three birthday parties, several playdates, and a lot of play time outside!

Boris started the month off with his 2nd Birthday! We had a great time celebrating his birthday at his house. Lucas fell in love with Boris' tricycle that looked like a motorcycle. Towards the end of the party, Boris took everyone upstairs and showed the children how he can jump on his big-boy bed (which all of the children took as their invitation to do it as well!) Thanks for a great time Boris!

Olivia came over one morning while Mrs. Sam had to take their dog Opie (Lucas calls him "Dope") to the vet. They had such a good time running around the house! Olivia really enjoyed looking out the window in our bedroom and watching all of the cars drive by. When we went downstairs to play, Lucas felt the need to strip down and run around naked! Good thing Olivia didn't mind, but I have got some good pictures for later on in their lives!

A few hours later, we had playgroup over at Mrs. Alisha and Tyler's house. Lucas was acting strange and only wanted to be held and kept asking for "home" so we didn't stay long. I did get this cute picture of Tyler, Olivia and Lucas watching the cars driving by...
I had to make these next few pictures of playing outside into a slideshow because there were so many that I just LOVED!

We had a very fun playdate over at Sam and Olivia's this week. Sam has turned her upstairs loft into a playroom, which Lucas loves, and happens to be very fond of Olivia's shopping cart and drum set.

Here is one of the funniest videos I have seen! Lucas and Olivia begin playing with HER shopping cart and then he pulls a fast one on her and takes off with the cart! Her face is priceless...

Saturday was Jackson's First Birthday!!!!! The theme was balls and they were EVERYWHERE!
Thanks for the invite Jackson, we had a great time and hope you did too!

On Sunday, we headed up to MiMi and Pop's house to get some of our Easter decorations out of storage. While we were there Lucas was spoiled got to go for a ride on the mower. After the mower ride, we hung out for awhile and Lucas ran around the house terrorizing all of the cats. By the time we got home, Lucas was happy and exhausted and took a nice long nap.

For dinner, we went down to meet my parents and GiGi for Mexican. Lucas is still talking about how after dinner, he and GiGi walked down to Kroger to get some bananas. I could tell that he really thought he was special getting to go alone with GiGi to the grocery store (or as Lucas calls it, the market!)

Playgroup was over at Mrs. Lindsi and Jackson's house this week. Olivia and Lucas played for the longest time in the tunnel that Mrs. Lindsi put out. Lucas and Selina have also began a friendship that consists of taking each others toy no matter what it is!

When we were leaving playgroup, Lucas and Olivia gave each other one of the longest hugs of their relationship! It was so sweet to watch and to know that Lucas has such a good friend.

After nap, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed outside to play. Lucas is still getting used to getting dirty (Daddy says he needs time away from me!) and does NOT like it when Dippy rolls around in the grass.

We headed to the mall with MiMi to do our annual Easter Outfit shopping. Lucas will be the best dressed for Easter this year (pictures will have to wait until Easter though!) While we were at the mall, Lucas played on a school bus while waiting for the train and then he and MiMi went for a train ride.

On Thursday we had our first Gymboree class (thank you GiGi for the Christmas gift to Lucas!) Olivia and Lucas are in the same class again and they both had a great time. Here are a few pictures of the class and some from a year ago when we took the class with Olivia. It is amazing to see how much they have grown and to know how close they are now.

Friday afternoon, we all played outside as a family. Lucas mainly enjoyed playing with the hose and smelling the tree! Since he is now wearing big boy underwear at home, I couldn't resist getting a few shots of his cute little butt in those big underwear (it's impossible to find them for kids his age!)

This weekend has been so busy for us! It started Saturday morning when we headed out early to go to a Touch-A-Truck event in Kennesaw where Lucas could get in and see all sorts of trucks, emergency vehicles and construction machines. We had such a great time and loved watching Luke's reaction when he saw each truck ("whoa....ha ha ha"). I took pictures mainly of Lucas and Daddy in front of each truck so I could make a book where Lucas can see all of the trucks in real size (so Lucas looks very tiny in pictures.) I won't post every shot I took, but here are a few good ones...

We then had a quick lunch at Fudrucker's and headed home for a short nap. Lucas must have still been excited about the trucks because he only slept for about 45 minutes. After his nap, we packed up and went to our playgroup friend, Selina's, first birthday. When we walked in the door, there were balloons everywhere! As more children arrived, the crazier it got with the balloons. They actually made it through the party without one popping! Lucas and Olivia had a great time together and ended up eating birthday cake alone at the small table that Selina got for her birthday. As our tradition, we put all the children on the couch together for a photo shoot. Watch the slide show below and how all of the children just fall apart! Poor Olivia is usually a trooper for the camera, but Jackson touched her leg and she let us all know that it was not ok with her! This time however, we actually got a picture of just the mom's together (as all the dad's played the paparazzi with the nice cameras!) Happy first birthday Selina (as well as Sindy and Markus!)

After the birthday party we headed home to pack some clothes for Lucas because he was having a sleepover at Grandmama and Pop-Pop's house. After we dropped him off, Ben and I headed to Taco Mac for dinner and then home. I wish we could say we had a great night out together, but after that day, we were exhausted and could not even stay awake for a movie.

The next day, Ben started doing some work around the house and I began to paint an accent wall in Lucas' room. After I finished his room, I liked the color so much that I also painted an accent wall in our room. I think they turned out great and I can't wait to get the other colors in there to finish it up.

That afternoon we met my parents and Lucas down at GiGi's house for dinner. Lucas had such a good time at my parent's house that he barely had time for a long hug hello! He is still talking about Uncle Taylor leaving in his truck and going "beep-beep". I think his favorite activity of the weekend was when Uncle Taylor and Pop-Pop took him down to the creek where he got to throw rocks in and then the river where they saw "on-too-tree boats" (1-2-3 who do not understand Lucas talk yet) in the water. Thanks for keeping him overnight mom and dad, we will discuss this rock throwing later!
Here is Lucas sitting in his basket after we visited Olivia at her house and she showed him how it is done...

On Monday night we headed up to the Wheeler's for dinner. Aunt Brooke was there for dinner too; and, Lucas has been fixated on Aunt "Bruk" and talking about her visit since she came over during the snow, in her red car, and dropped off some new dog food for Dippy (in that order when Luke tells the story.) Her dog Achilles was staying over at the Wheeler's and so they invited Dippy along for a doggy sleepover.

On Thursday this week, we had some visitors come and join us for Gymboree...GiGi and Uncle Taylor! Lucas was thrilled when he got to watch them pull in to our driveway (well, he tells the story and only talks about Uncle Taylor driving GiGi's car!) At Gymboree, GiGi and Uncle Taylor joined us on the mat and played the entire class. At the end of class when we all chant "We want, we want Gymbo (pat, pat, clap)," Lucas got on all fours and started head-banging!
After class, we all ate lunch at Red Robin where Lucas enjoyed some grilled chicken on a stick (his new favorite food.)

Saturday morning, I headed out for a pedicure with some of the mom's in our neighborhood. It was such a relaxing morning and I loved my Mango Pedi! When I got home, Lucas was taking a short nap before we headed up to MiMi's house for an Easter Egg hunt. Lucas met a few friends and really enjoyed throwing the eggs out of his basket. Watch the picture show below and notice the pictures in slow motion of the meltdown with the Easter Bunny! After the egg hunt, we headed back to the house where Lucas and Ben took a short ride on the lawn mower (or "mow" as Lucas calls it). We then went to eat hibachi at the Kani house where Lucas had a huge meal of soup, salad, filet, and chicken. The chefs have now reinforced his favorite skill of banging silverware on his plate!

Playgroup was unexpectedly at our house this week. Our first host Tina wasn't feeling well , and then Tyler got strep throat, so an early morning phone call resulted in us hosting. Fortunately, I had cleaned my house the day before including every single toy so we were germ free (until everyone left!) But if you know me, I re-cleaned each toy that was downstairs and vacuumed!

Sam and Olivia came over the next day and we all dyed Easter Eggs. We stripped the kids down first so that none of the dye would stain their clothes. Lucas and Olivia became a little bored with the waiting, but they both did a great job and only managed to stain the tips of their fingers. We had a great picnic style lunch outside before they took off playing on the slide and with the cars. After some convincing, we finally got them back inside to decorate the eggs. Olivia was so careful and delicate with her eggs as she placed each sticker on them. Lucas on the other hand, was only interested in decorating for about 30 seconds until he ate a few stickers and managed to smash two eggs onto the table. Yes, he is definitely a boy!

After an afternoon nap, Lucas and I were going to surprise Daddy by decorating the whole house for his birthday tomorrow. Instead, he surprised us and came home early. So, our plans changed to making him hide away for awhile while we decorated. Later, we headed out to pick up his birthday cake at Dairy Queen and then spent an hour outside watching Lucas run around.

We can't wait for Daddy's 29th birthday tomorrow! Lucas has practiced singing and has learned how to say "I Love (Dub) You, Daddi"!