Sunday, April 26, 2009

Movin' and Groovin'

Wow! I am really behind in my blogging! Mr. Lucas is partly to blame for that because he is soooo active now! He is crawling and pushing and standing and jumping and almost walking! He walks around his toys and around the couches holding on.

Here is a video of how much he moves around!

Since it has been such a wonderful week, we spent a lot of time outside playing around!

Last weekend, Lucas experienced his first boat ride at Lake Lanier on Grandma and Pop-Pop's boat. He loved driving the boat and honking the horn!

After the lake, we met Mimi and Pops over at Whole Foods to do a little shopping and eating.

Tuesday, Lucas had his first ever Music class at Gymboree. We went over to Sam and Miss Olivia's house to ride with them. I think Lucas might have an admirer because Olivia was cracking up at Lucas moving around and babbling. She even tried to hold his hand!

At the music class, we danced and played a bunch of instruments. Lucas was obsessed with the maracas and the drum. The class was fun, but I'm not sure if we will go back to that particular one. Lucas loves music, but I play the same instruments at home with him and he seems more involved with me than at the class. This upcoming Tuesday, we are trying out a Play and Learn class at Gymboree where Lucas will get to crawl around and play bubbles with some other children. Hopefully, he will enjoy this class a little more.

Wednesday, I took Lucas to the doctor again because he still had a really yucky nose when he woke up in the mornings. After the doctor checked him out, she said that he had a sinus infection! Poor thing. We are now going on 3 weeks dealing with a cold. Hopefully the two weeks of antibiotics will help him.

Thursday night, we met GiGi, my parents and some close family friends, Allie and Kathy, for dinner at Cazadores in Marietta. This is our all time favorite Mexican restaurant. Lucas was great for dinner and was the star of the restaurant. Then on Friday, we also met Kathy and Allie at Chick-fil-A before they left town. Lucas really enjoyed playing with Allie!

Below is a video of one of the cutest things Lucas has ever done!!!!!!! I was so proud of him. Lucas loves to push his toys around the house. So, I was playing around with him and asked him if he would like to help me with the laundry....and here is what he did...

Saturday, Lucas still wasn't feeling up to venturing out too much. Which was sad, because one of my closest friends from high school had a baby shower in Alabama that we couldn't go to. She still hasn't met Lucas so I was really looking forward to showing him off!
That night, we took him up to Dahlonega with Mimi and Pops and ate dinner and then walked around the square.

Sunday, we had a perfect family day! First we had a wonderful big breakfast and made Lucas some fresh mango and pears. Then, we went to the Chattahoochee River and had a picnic lunch and walked on the boardwalk.

Lucas discovered a whole plum at the park and was obsessed with it! He kept licking it and trying to bite it with his two bottom teeth. It kept him occupied for quite awhile!

Well, I can't believe that Lucas will be 8 MONTHS tomorrow! Check back soon for his 8 month updates on what he is eating and his favorite activities!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Week of Easter

Ben was out of town this past week from Sunday until Wednesday. I took lots of pictures of the little man while he was gone. He is so active now and just loves to get into trouble!

Here is a video of the little terror learning how to throw a temper tantrum!

While he was gone we were very busy! Tuesday was jam packed with activities as well as snow! We started out having lunch with some of my girlfriends at Little Azio's at the Avenues. Lucas got to see Little Joshua again and they enjoyed making funny faces at each other.

Then, since GiGi was sick, I made her some chicken noodle soup and we took it to her. My mom's cat, Polo, is living there while my parents try to sell their house. Lucas really enjoyed chasing Polo around!
Here is a video of Lucas chasing Polo:

That night we headed up to Ben's parent's house to eat dinner with them. Lucas enjoyed a nice BIG dinner and then a bath. After his bath, Lucas crawled around and played on their bed before we headed back home.
After such a busy day, Lucas completely crashed out!!!

Wednesday, we were really looking forward to Ben coming home, but instead of making a nice dinner and making sure the house was clean, I had to go and get a kidney stone and kidney infection instead! Penny met me at the doctor so she could watch Lucas for me while I saw the doctor. Before I left the doctor's they gave me a nice shot to take the pain away, thank goodness. That night, Ben took an earlier flight and got home a little early. But he didn't come home empty handed, he had to bring a cold with him! We were a really fun house Wednesday night, me with a kidney stone and Ben sick!

Thursday was just another day around our house except that since Ben was sick, he came home a little early. By Friday, Ben still wasn't feeling that great and neither was Lucas! He was very congested and had a cough. I hoped it was allergies, but it turns out it wasn't. Friday night, our friend Shawn came over for dinner since his wife was out of town.

Lucas couldn't figure out why his nose wasn't working! He kept scrunching up his nose making funny faces trying to breathe!
Here is a video of him trying to show us his funny face:

Saturday morning, we woke up to a really sick baby so we headed to the doctor. I knew they weren't going to give him an antibiotic, but I wanted them to check his ears anyway. I am so terrified of those annoying ear infections. We did get the all clear on the ears, but were told that Lucas should be getting his upper teeth any time now! Oh no the teething again!!!!

That night, my mom and dad came over to check on Lucas and hang out for awhile. While they were playing with Lucas, I baked a cake for Easter dinner. Even though Lucas was feeling lousy, he still had enough energy to play with Gloria from Happy Feet!

Since I had two sick men on my hands, we didn't go to church on Easter Sunday. However, we did go to GiGi's for our traditional meal. Aunt Betty and Cathy joined us from Conyers; as well as, Ben's family including Lawrence, Aunt Brooke's boyfriend.

I know I'm biased, but my little baby looked absolutely ADORABLE!! He wore a light blue jumper from Strasburg Childrens. He really should have been a model for them!

MiMi brought Lucas a very creative Easter Basket with a summer theme. He got a swimsuit, a shirt, and a matching hat from Hartstrings. There was also a bunch of fun toys, including a beach ball that Lucas played with all day. GiGi got him a cute wind up toy which he played with when we got home. My parents gave us a very practical gift of diapers (with the amount of money we spend on diapers, THANKS!)

The food was absolutely delicious! GiGi is a fantastic cook and a wonderful host. Lucas was such a good baby and let everyone play with him and hold him. He only got fussy when it was time for his nap, but I don't know why we thought he would sleep with all of the excitement around him. After a few attempts for a nap, we gave up and fed him again. After he ate, he was ready for more action. He even got to go for a walk with GiGi, Grandma and MiMi.

We had such a great first Easter with Lucas and can't wait for many more!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Funny Faces

Here is a video of our little Trouble Monster crawling!

This weekend went by too quickly for us because Ben left early Sunday for Chicago. We spent Saturday taking some family photos, shopping at Target, cutting the grass, and packing. I was definitely photo crazy on Saturday! I took Lucas outside while Ben was doing some yard work. Lucas really isn't too sure about the way grass feels. He looks at me like I've lost my mind when I put him on it.

Here is a video of Lucas with his walker. He loves to play "Beep-Beep"

Sunday, Lucas and I had an enjoyable morning and then my family came over. We played around for awhile with all of Lucas' toys and then went to see Matt and Lori's new baby boy Brody.

After the visit with Brody, we went to Pop-Pop and Grandma's boat at Lake Lanier and played around. Lucas got to "drive the boat" and honk it's horn. Grandma took the pictures so I'll put them up when I get them. Trust me, they are adorable!

After playing on the boat, Lucas took a much needed nap while we ate Mexican. When we got back home, he enjoyed his grandparents feeding him plums and a blueberry/apple mix. When they left, we spent the evening crawling and exploring the house and taking a nice long bath. After such a busy day, Lucas crashed out at 8:30 and slept until 7:45 when I finally woke him up!

We miss Daddy very much and can't wait to see him on Wednesday.

Here is a slideshow of Lucas' favorite thing...making funny faces!!!