Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Luke's First Christmas

Wow! What a busy Christmas our family had.

We finally made it to see Santa. We had Lucas dressed up in his Santa outfit, he had just ate, and we were next in line....

And then we heard the noise and smelled the issue! Ben quickly ran off to get Lucas changed and tried to save the outfit since he ruined his onesie underneath! Once Lucas was all cleaned up, Santa's crew was nice enough to let us back up to the front, whew!

For Christmas Eve, we went to Winder to celebrate with my side of the family. Lucas got so many wonderful toys and clothes! The ride up their went very smoothly; however, the ride home was miserable! Lucas cried the entire ride home!

When we finally made it home, Lucas went to bed while Ben and I finished wrapping gifts and getting set up for the morning. We were so excited to wake up in our own house for the first time with Lucas! We filled our stockings with all sorts of yummy and fun goodies. I was so excited to have "Mom," "Dad," and "Lucas" stockings. We got the stockings from Pottery Barn and my friend Dana embroidered them for us.

Christmas morning was so much fun! Lucas wore a Christmas Onesie that he and his daddy made together. Lucas was thrilled to have new toys. We were afraid he would be too young to understand, but we could tell that he was excited about something!

Lucas got an Excersaucer so that he could stand up and play. So far he loves it!!

One of Lucas' unexpected favorites was a big bouncy ball. He is so funny throwing it and licking it!

He is also sitting in his new Bumbo seat that GiGi bought for him.

It was so special being able to open up our presents and look around at our wonderful family and reflect back over the year!

After we celebrated our special Christmas morning, we went up to have Christmas with The Wheelers. Lucas also met his only cousins who live in California. He loved Summer because she held him and let him pull her hair!

The Wheelers got Lucas an adorable outfit from Ralph Lauren, which includes the pants, shirt, sweater, and two pair of socks.

Lucas found a bell ornament that was part of a present and was fascinated by it!

Our next stop for Christmas was back at our house where my family came over so we didn't have to keep traveling. We had a great time opening up presents, and then we ate a delicious dinner that GiGi made.

Lucas had a great time helping open his presents. There was so much excitement going on around him and he just loved it! It was obvious that his Grandma and PopPop had such a good time shopping for Luke!

He got a duck toy that encourages crawling. We aren't taking it out of the box just yet because he really enjoys just spinning the ducks around.

His PopPop also got him his first Camoflauge outfit. It is a RealTree Camo sack with a zip-up front and a hood.

Lucas got a hammer that makes all sorts of loud noises when you hit something from his grandparents.

I was getting such a laugh putting a red bow on his head, but he didn't find it very amusing!

It is a family tradition for PopPop to put on and wear everything he gets on Christmas!

Uncle Taylor got Lucas his first red UGA onesie! It is perfect since Lucas' favorite color is red!

After Christmas, our entire house looked like a toy store! He was in heaven with all he new toys.

I changed around the guest bedroom and made a playroom so we would have a place to play and store all of his new toys.

After all of the excitement on Christmas Day, we spent the next few days vegging out around the house.

Our Pediatrician said that we could try giving Lucas some rice cereal before our next visit in January.

Can you tell he definitely does NOT like it?!

We have decided that we are going to keep breastfeeding Lucas and start introducing solids around 6 months.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Early December

Ben and I went out for the evening to his company's Christmas Party. Lucas stayed at my parent's house while we went out and then came back for a family sleepover!

Lucas got to celebrate his mommy's birthday! I got to have two great dinners. One at the Ninja in Cumming with the Wheelers and the other at Provinos with the Schroeders. When we are eating sushi, Lucas loves to play with the chopsticks!

Luke has been losing his hair and what remains is just hilarious!!

We spend a lot of our days playing and sometimes Lucas just wants to crash out before his naptime. Lately, his favorite activities during the day are playing with soft blocks, watching Baby Einstein videos, laying on his play mat, and giggling with his Laugh and Learn Bunny.

We can't stop laughing at all of Lucas' faces! He is trying out all sorts of new looks and mouth movements. I really think he does it sometimes just to hear us laugh!

One of his favorite faces is to suck in his bottom lip and then make it pop!

In December we hosted one of the last small group dinners. Our small group has now ended and half of the group is moving on to find a group with couples who are also parents. Ben and I would like to find a group that deals with both marriage and parenting issues.

Uncle Taylor came home from UGA to celebrate his 23rd Birthday! The whole family went to Cazadores for the celebration.

Little Lucas really likes his Uncle Taylor!

Grandma just couldn't wait to get her hands on her little boy.

It is sometimes surreal to think that one day Lucas will be turning 23 too! If Cazadores is still open, I'm sure we will celebrate their too!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Playing Around

We had such a busy month in November!

Uncle Taylor came home from Athens and he and Lucas watched the Georgia game together.
Lucas loves to sit around naked, but when it's cold he still enjoys hanging out in his chair and robe!

I think we have a movie star in our midst, because he just loves the camera! Look at that face! Don't you think he's destined for the camera!

On Election Day, MiMi and Aunt Brooke stopped by to help me out when Lucas would not stop crying!

We tried everything, but sometimes I think he just gets tired of the same person all day! I mean, look how excited Aunt Brooke is with him!

One of our favorite things to do during the day is to go out side and lay around on the blanket. Luke loves to look up at the sky and feel all the leaves on the ground.

Lucas loves his "Mr. Nubby" that he got from Pops when he was born. He kisses, hugs and pulls on him all the time!

Here is our little monkey playing around with the camera again!

We spent the entire morning laying around the house in different rooms and on different blankets to get these cute pictures!

Lucas loves to play on our bed with the sheets!

Here he is looking at his Daddy before he goes off to work.

Right now his eyes are blue with green coming in around the center.

Lucas already thinks he is a big boy and likes to sit up on the couch and stand on his daddy.

Lucas loves his bath time.

Once again, he can't stop looking at the camera!

He is so funny standing in front of the mirror looking at himself! We have to do this every day before the bath!

We had a Small Group Thanksgiving over at Dana's house. The babies got to join us this time. Lucas is still not sure about all the noise when we go out!