Sunday, February 28, 2010


Yes, I know, my blog is very behind. With that being said, I am going to just highlight the month of February and not go into great detail of everything that we did.

Take note that at the beginning of the month, Lucas had A LOT of hair. By mid month, I got scissor happy and chopped it off, on Valentine's Day nonetheless! I'm sorry little man, and I swear to never do it again!

Dinner at GiGi's- Lucas and Kathy really played around. His new favorite thing to do at her house is to climb on her coffee table. Seeing as at home, our coffee table is glass, he finds her table irresistible!

We went to have lunch with Grandmama at Fudrucker's and ended up at the mall after. While I was shoe shopping, Lucas heard the train and began an all out search for it. Lucky for Lucas it was Two-For-Tuesday (not so lucky for Grandmama who had to get back to work and now feeling a little motion sickness!)

We ran into Sam and Olivia at Publix one afternoon. Lucas is not as well-behaved in a grocery store as Olivia, so he has to sit in the cart. Olivia on the other hand walks around the store and follows her mommy perfectly. By the end of the quick trip, Olivia ended up joining Lucas in the shopping cart while we checked out.

Fortunately, we had one more big snowfall so Lucas could enjoy it properly (without Pneumonia). He was still not sure of it the next time we went outside; but, by the next morning, both he and Daddy were having a great time.

We had a great Valentine's Day around here. We woke Lucas up and took him downstairs to see all of his presents. MiMi and her brother were out of town on Valentine's Day visiting Uncle Lin in Pennsylvania, so Pops joined us for a Valentine's Day dinner down at GiGi's house. Lucas had so much fun pretending to drive Pop-Pop's truck while we waited on dinner.

As a family, we all went down to the mall for some light shopping. Of course we know that we cannot go to the mall without riding the train! So, after pushing around some toys at PBK, we headed out for a train ride. Daddy took Lucas around the mall while I took a moment to look at some Easter outfits for Lucas. After the mall, we headed to the grocery store for a few things. Since Ben came with us, we allowed Lucas to ride in the front car attachment of the buggie and he loved it and honked at everyone!

Since Uncle Taylor is still looking for a job, he is able to come and play with Lucas during the week. He and Lucas had a great time making all his trucks go "bump-bump" over a towel.

MiMi's brother from Hawaii is in town for a few days, so we went out for dinner and then back to our house for play time.

We headed down to hang out with GiGi and Uncle Taylor for a few hours. Uncle Taylor was supposed to meet us there but ended up having some truck trouble and we had to go take him some tools. Lucas was in awe watching Tay-Tay climb up and down his big truck. Taylor fixed his truck in a few minutes and then we were all off. Our first stop was to eat Mexican where Lucas enjoyed sitting in a booster seat for the first time and entertaining GiGi and Tay-Tay. We then headed a few stores down to a shoe store. We didn't have far to go, so we were a little illegal and let Lucas ride in GiGi's lap in Uncle Tay's big truck. He was grinning ear to ear when they parked and all he could talk about were the "bump-bumps" they went over in parking lot. At the shoe store, Lucas allowed us to try a few pairs and different sizes on his feet. He is now a huge 6 1/2! GiGi bought him a great pair of brown pedipeds which are amazing shoes and grow with his feet. Thanks GiGi, Lucas never forgets you when he puts on the shoes!

A sad moment in our lives has arrived. Trinity is not doing well and can barely walk. We took an afternoon to spoil her rotten and get a bunch of pictures with her. Don't watch if you are not in a place where you could tear up. She went to doggie heaven on February 23 after 10 years of being a loving companion. Thank you all for your kind words and cards. Also, a big thank you to my mom, GiGi, and Uncle Taylor who came over to help on that very sad day. We loved her very much and know that she is no longer in pain.

Also this month, Lucas got to meet Pop-Pop's sister, Aunt Carol and her husband Ronnie who are visiting from Pennsylvania. We started the day with a boat ride and ended up grilling steaks at

Lucas' poor best friend Olivia had an unfortunate accident one night which resulted in stitches on her upper lip. The next day, we brought her some treats and a balloon. If stitches didn't slow her down, nothing will! The two were playing and joking around almost immediately.

Another big moment happened this month...MiMi and Pop's kept Lucas overnight for the second time!!! (The first time was when he was five months old and let's just say it didn't go that well). We arrived to pick him up the next morning and everyone was all smiles. We could tell that Lucas had a great time because when we got there, he ran up for hugs and kisses and then took off to play some more. Thanks Wheelers and we look forward to many more child-free nights!

When we had dinner at GiGi's at the end of the month, Lucas had a little surprise waiting on him from the Schroeder's...a new truck! He loves his new truck very much and it has become his number one toy!

Thanks for hanging in there with the late blog. We are hoping that the rest of 2010 starts looking up for our family. January is remembered with Lucas getting pneumonia and February will be a memory of Trinity. March, here we come!