Monday, January 26, 2009

Busy, Busy January

Well January is here and we are all so busy!

On New Years Day, we had a special lunch down at GiGi's house. The next day, Daddy watched Lucas while I treated myself to a massage. The following day, the Wheelers came down for dinner and to hang out with Lucas. Then, the Schroeder's came over the following day to hang out. Whew!

On January 5, Lucas had his 4 month check up and with that, his shots. He definitely did not handle the shots well this time. He had a fever and felt yucky for days. We all thought he would weigh more than just 16 lbs. The Pediatrician is absolutely amazed at how social and verbal he is, as well as how much he is already walking!

We are all so excited for my parents because they have made a monumental decision this month and have BOUGHT a house! It is in Canton and not too far away from us. It is a beautiful 4 bedroom, split level house with 4 different floors! It sits on over an acre of land which backs up to Lake Alatoona. The garage, which is underneath in the basement is absolutely amazing with 14 ft. ceilings! Luke will finally have his own room so my parents don't have to keep taking his pack and play down everytime he comes to visit.

Ben had his first business trip away from home for an entire week! Lucas and I went to my parent's house for 2 nights and then MiMi and Pops for one night. We spent the other two at home. Lucas did pretty well with all of the traveling and different houses. He stopped sleeping through the night about half way through the week, probably from all of the traveling and different sounds in the houses.

While we were at my parent's house, Lucas got to go shopping with Grandma and me and he got several pairs of shoes and a pair of sunglasses. We ate Mexican with GiGi and Kathy one night and then the next day we ate Chick-fil-A with GiGi.

When we were at the Wheeler's we went shopping at the outlet mall and got a lot of toys for Lucas to keep up at their house. We also went to Pops' dental office to visit with everyone.

Lucas also had his first sleep over(without mom and dad) at Grandma's and PopPops! That was one crazy night! That same night Lucas experienced his first car accident! We were meeting the family at a Mexican restaurant off of Shallowford Rd. As we were at the red light waiting to turn right, a 17 year old girl ran into the back of our car! Fortunately, everyone was okay at the time. We had the firemen check out Lucas, and they gave him a thumbs up. As soon as we were hit, Lucas screamed so loudly. I have never been more angry at another person! Both Ben and I have hurt necks and have been going to the Chiropractor 3 times a week. My poor Murano has definitely seen better days! I am very proud of the hit it took and how it kept us all safe. In the mean time, we are riding around in a red Toyota Camry. Hopefully my car will be ready soon and we will all start to feel better!