Friday, October 31, 2008


We had such a fun, month long celebration of Halloween!
Lucas was mesmerized by all of the pumpkins at the pumpkin patch! We spent a lot of time taking family photos all over the place.

I'm sure Lucas thought we had lost our minds putting him on the ground so much (especially since he could hardly sit up on his own)! After about 30 minutes and a lot of pictures we finally found the "perfect pumpkin".

The week of Halloween we went over to MiMi and Pops' house to carve pumpkins. Too bad Lucas slept on the table through most of the carving.

Everyone carved their own pumpkin and they looked amazing!

Ben is always so creative when he carves pumpkins! We can't wait until Lucas can help and get all messy too! This year Ben's masterpiece was Mickey Mouse (or Mighty Mouse depending on how you look at it)!

Pops was the first to finish his pumpkin so he got to hold Lucas! It is so sweet to see Lucas fall asleep on Pops. I don't know whether Lucas or Pops enjoys it more!

On Halloween night, Ben and I were so excited for the night to be over because the grandparents were taking night duty and giving us some sleep!!!!

Lucas was absolutely adorable in his horse costume (I'm not sure he liked it very much because he was only in it for less than 5 minutes before he decided he was going to throw up all over it!). With it being our first Halloween, we all had to suck it up and get all of our pictures in anyway.

After the horse costume, Lucas was much more comfortable in a regular outfit, but we couldn't resist and had to put a Halloween bib and a bat hat on him.

I think the highlight of the evening was Lucas' obsession with watching a glow stick! We even got how intrigued he was on video!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Growth Spurt in October

October has been a very busy month for everyone!
Ben and I are running around trying to get used to parenthood and Lucas is busy eating and growing!

He looks so small here in these pictures! Just wait until you see the end of the month!

We went over to Shawn and Dylan's for Canada Day (kind of like Thanksgiving Day here). Dylan was an awesome cook and we all ate ourselves crazy!

I have been reading a book on how to Photograph your baby and am just getting started! I love to get him dressed (and Undressed) and just take pictures of him all day!

Our very good family friend, Kathy, came to meet Lucas. Their family is so sweet and just couldn't wait to meet him. We can't wait for the rest of the family to meet Lucas!

Pop-Pop loves to play with Lucas. Lucas isn't really sure about the raspberries that Pop-Pop blows on him, but I'm sure he will get used to it soon!

Grandma loves to walk Lucas around! He is finally getting used to her patting him on the bottom and singing "These Boots Are Made For Walking!"

Ben and I went out for the evening while Pop-Pop and Grandma kept Lucas. He loves hanging out with them because they always keep him sooo busy! That Grandma really likes her tummy-time!

Lucas loves playing on his Baby Einstein mat. He wants to get his Red Bird so badly, but he has a little bit more growing until he can really grab onto it!

GiGi had her birthday on October 26 and we ate dinner at Aspens. Lucas was such a good boy throughout dinner. Since it was her birthday, she got to hold him the most! When he started getting cranky, they disappeared outside and they walked the parking lot!

Poor Lucas not only got his first cold, but also his shots this month. Then, to make it worse, he got an ear infection as a result of the cold. He kept us up worrying at night because he couldn't breathe.
Here are the boys trying to catch up on some sleep!

After Lucas was put on antibiotics, he finally was his usual, happy self again. He absolutely loves the mornings around here and really enjoys playing in the sheets!

Can you believe how much he has grown!?!?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lucas and Mommy with a Camera!

Well Luke has been home for a few weeks and his Mommy is absolutely camera crazy!

Here I am after Mommy made a mowhawk out of all my hair!

Trinity doesn't really care much that a new baby is around. However, she has a great nose and lets us know right away when we have a Poopy Diaper!!

Lucas really likes to watch his Mommy make a fool out of herself
while trying to get a smile!

At 1 and 1/2 months, Lucas was already pushing up and rolling over!!

Lucas is already very opinionated and lets us know when he is absolutely DONE with tummy time!

I know that everyone thinks their baby is the cutest, but I absolutely LOVE the way Luke looks when he is sleeping! However, I think that whoever coined the phrase "Sleeping Like A Baby" was seriously disturbed, because we are on total silence when Lucas sleeps!

By now I think Lucas knows that the camera is just a normal part of his day!

He loves to smile and talk to the camera!