Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Luke's First Month Home

Since we did not know if we were adding a boy or girl to our family, our nursery was in neutral colors for a few days. When Lucas came home we chose a sports theme for his bedroom. So far he really likes the bold colors and he absolutely LOVES his mobile!

We love our new glider, but Luke only likes his chair when he is nursing in it. Otherwise, he pretty much likes to avoid it because he associates it with rocking him to sleep at night.

One of Lucas' favorite things to do is get a new diaper. We make this time fun by wiping him off with a wipe, and then rubbing him down with baby lotion. He loves his hands and feet rubbed.

He also has a special dinosaur friend named Dude that makes him laugh so hard! Dude really helps us out in the middle of the night and when Luke is too interested in eating his toes to lay flat to put on the diaper.

GiGi (Allison's Grandmother) has found a new love in her life! Luke absolutely loves being held by her. GiGi has been such a help since Lucas came home. She comes over a lot to help out while Allison takes a shower and cleans the house. We might not have survived without her help!

Poor MiMi was sick for the first week that Lucas was born. After a week, she came over to see him, but for protections, she still wore a mask. Lucas just cuddled right up on her and they were both in heaven! Ben's mom and dad also gave us a night of sleep by sleeping over and taking baby duty all night. It was absolute heaven!!!!

Here is Mommy giving him a good night kiss before they head off to bed!

I wish I could say that I slept all night, but my body was so used to getting up every few hours that I just could not stay asleep!!

After about two weeks of being home, we just had to get out of the house. We went on our first trip to Sawnee Moutain Park and walked around. Lucas really does not like the car, but it was worth a few minutes of crying in order to get out of the house. One of our dogs, Trinity, joined us for the walk and was just as tired as we were by the end of it!

Our next adventure out of the house was to visit Luke's grandfather "Pops" at his dental office. All of the ladies at the office absolutely loved him!
Here are three generations of Wheeler Boys!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lucas' First Bath

When Lucas came home from the hospital, we just had to give him a proper bath! Fortunately, his Grandma Candy was there to give us moral support! Or maybe she was making sure we did everything right?!

He knows something is coming but is just not sure about why he is laying on the kitchen counter!

Hey wait, this isn't so bad!

From this picture you wouldn't believe that he likes baths now!

Lucas was not happy about getting his hair washed!

Daddy did such a good job bathing his son!

Holy Cow! It's cold out here!

The poor baby was worn out by the end of his first bath and needed a nap on Daddy!